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Payor | Avalon Plus
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Through our close relationships with our network of health care providers, we provide you with unmatched personalized assistance no matter where you are.

This includes:

Monitoring Your Account

Advocating Your Costs

24/7 Assistance

Wide Network of Providers

We have a growing network composed of over 750,000 doctors, 5,000 hospitals, and 100,000 auxiliary units across the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and more than 60 countries worldwide.

Logistics and Management

We manage the medical attention required on a case-by-case basis with high-level health care providers, while reducing costs through our unique operating process

Plans and Services

Our tools and resources are always available to your company. Receive better health care solutions and benefits for your members by selecting one of our plans today.

We are in the Texas Medical Center

Special Services

Emergency Assistance

In the case of a medical emergency, we coordinate air and/or ground support to the nearest medical center, no matter where you are.

Specialist Recommendations

We can assist in the selection of top-rated specialists, to treat any medical condition.

Global Medical Assistance

Membership designed to meet the specific needs of those who require medical care anywhere in the world.


Each case is unique and deserves to be treated as such, which is why we have designed the following plans for the convenient management of your medical expenses:


Membership with
unique benefits


Membership with
specific benefits



If you would like to learn more about our plans, please fill out the form below and an advisor will contact you shortly.

Special Services


Second medical opinions

Emergency evacuations


Integral logistics for you and your family

Appointments with specialists in less than 72 hours

Ambulance and Lifeline support